Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bubble Tree See-through bubble tents provide incredible views

BubbleTree in the woods

BubbleTree in the woods

BubbleTrees are anything but average tents. These prefabricated, globe-shaped tents are transparent so you can’t get much closer to nature unless you sleep outside. The tents, which are currently only available in Europe, come decked out with portable sofas, beds, and more. Some models even have wood floors. Others are designed specifically for the beach or to use as tree houses.
How do they work? Just pump up a tent with the provided electric air blower. The blower, which has an air filter, circulates fresh air and provides the air pressure needed to maintain the bubble shape. See themanufacturer's website for more details on how this works. Like ordinary tents, they can heat up quite a bit, so you’ll want to install them in a shady spot during the summer.
As cool as BubbleTrees are, they don’t seem all that practical for your average camper since they’re not small enough to stash in a backpack and they’re pricey. One of these pop-up dwellings costs about $9,000 to $17,000, depending on which model and extras you choose. But they’re still a lot of fun to look at! 

Photo by: Pierre Stephane Dumas
source: yahoo

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