Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 9 Most Unique Anti-Aging Tips We've Ever Heard

Behind every great woman is a tried-and true beauty trick.

Avoid Drinking Out of Straws
"The pursing of the lips causes unnecessary wrinkles. Save that expression for kissing!"

Get Your Blood Flowing
"I stand on my head every day for five minutes to engorge my face and head with blood and keep a youthful look."

Don't Pull Your Eyelids
"When applying eyeliner, I never pull my eyelid. Daily pulling can result in sagging of the skin around your eyes over time."

Sleep on Your Back

"I always sleep on my back. Doing so prevents wrinkles and keeps my boobs from sagging.

Sleep on Silk
"Sleep on a silk pillow. It’s gentle on your skin and won’t tug on it while you
 sleep. Think less sleep lines!"

Help Your Lotion Do More
"After you wash your face and before putting on moisturizer or any anti-aging lotions, run an ice cube over your face for a minute (or splash with some very cold water). It helps the skin absorb more of what is in these lotions, helping them become more effective. It does make a difference after a few nights of doing so! Give it a try!"

Apply Your Face Cream with a Brush
"Use a (synthetic) foundation brush to put on face cream using upward strokes. Not only will you avoid the skin-pulling that is common when applying cream with your hands, but the motion will prevent your skin from sagging long-term."

Moisturize Naturally
"The best moisturizer for your skin should be loaded with antioxidants, will not clog pores, and will help protect against skin cancer. Dab a little extra virgin olive oil on a cotton ball and use it as a nighttime moisturizer for your face and neck (and anywhere else you want to be soft!)."

Use Honey as a Moisturizer

"As soon as the weather turns cold, I put ordinary honey on the back of my hands for 3-6 days or nights. This stops red, scaly, bleeding hands from starting and keeps them smooth all winter."

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