Saturday, February 26, 2011


.may seem arrogant, but thats just cause they know what they 
.what an Aries wants, an Aries gets
.the seemingly ordinary Aries is a superman/woman in disguise
.dating an Aries is never boring
.will keep busy when single. They dont worry about hooking up or falling in love, they worry about what needs to be done
.a horny Aries will hunt you down 
.live a systematic, ordered life
.always makes the right arrangements to be in the right place at the right time
.is always prepared

.changes sexual positions more often than you can blink
.women are the most sexually intriguing of the signs.
.when a Gemini woman needs to stand alone, she does so firmly and comfortably.

.never has ordinary sex. 
.sex always has a twist or turn to it.

.has no sexual guilt or shame
.needs mutual honesty in a relationship
.spends money as if it grows on trees.
.knows how to enjoy sex and makes their lover feel great pleasure
.always has sex on the mind
.has good taste in fine food and fine clothes
.are very friendly and can turn enemies into friends
.are clumsy

.signs can be quite sexually creative
.needs a romantic partner who can accept their moodiness
.not many people will win the heart of a Cancer.
.are receptive, sensitive, and defensive

.are emotional, sensual and dreamy
.are compassionate, sympathetic, and loving.
.are sensitive and prefer a happy fairy tale over cold reality
.if a Pisces female friend cries over a breakup, she cries too
.if you treat your Pisces like a special person, they will turn into that special person you always dreamed of

.is not afraid to follow their sexual desires
.are creative, challenging, and entertaining.
.is likely to try some very kinky stuff in the bedroom
.are not that patient.

.are passionate, deep lovers
.likes living the good life of fine food and fine sex
.does not like dreamers who talk about their dreams but never put them into action
.girls can be a little tomboyish
.partner may have a hard time expressing emotions
.are persistent, passionate and loyal lovers

.has a dark, mysterious sex 
.you could have the best game in the world but you cant play this Scorpio
.is a master of oral sex
.is accommodating to your sexual needs

.is the pickiest of lovers
.is eager to explore the sexual, sensual and physical limits of a relationship
.is both a great lover and satisfier of your dirty needs
.woman are little flirts

.prefer to release their stress through sex
. prefer committed partners rather than one-night stands
.a Virgo female does not want to be your temporary lover. they want to mate for life

.is one wild bedroom freak
.good in drama never grow up
.tend to live in on and off relationships that are filled with drama
.are hot in bed

.women are the most sexually intriguing of the signs
.treat their friends with respect and affection most others reserve only for family.
.if a Taurus becomes really mad at you, then you will become a complete stranger to them
.will have a strong jaw line


Janice said...

yeah, i know... kaya nga si sister-in-law complete stranger na sya... ano nga uli name nya??? whaaa!!! (nag ka amnesia!!!)

Time said...
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janice said...
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Lyn Ibiernas said...

hahaha! basta Taurus pilya din :D

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