Saturday, February 26, 2011

Latest News in Kris Aquino Life

Kris Aquino Wishes and Dreams

Dreams of a beautiful wedding for Bimby, w/ a daughter in law that she  can love as her own. "Super pe-pray ko yun." - Kris Aquino.

Can retire by the beach.

Feels magaan to be friendly w/ Ruffa! Thanks to EDSA 25 for this chance.

Don't want to invade Mayor Jun's privacy, if he's dating, it's not her he's dating. She's not dating or seeing anybody, nobody I'm aware of is interested in anything romantic w/ her. She's not gonna say she's happy, but she is PEACEFUL.

When  told by James about her new bedroom will be pink w/ embroidered floral curtains & a pink kenneth cobonpue bed- James Yap said parang di ka na umaasang ikasal pa. she replied CORRECT!

James invited her to look at his rented condo in the Fort to see if worth it to buy- she said sure- but Rockwell unit seems the better buy.

super colorful ang life ni Kris Aquino she's been up and down but still she manage to survive, a great woman. Kudos!

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