Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FB Skin

I like the FBskin except dun sa mga ads na naka appear sa side bar nila and you mga games na nag pop-up. You can only see the FBskin if you have a FB skin also. Then hindi ko rin ma-gets kung nawawala ba sya pag ng view ka sa friend na walang FBskin confusing pa. All in all naman na eenjoy ko yung mga hearts na nag drop drop hehe :)

So if you can't see my FBskin it only means that you haven't installed your FBskin!


FBSkins is part of the only network of Facebook skin sites in existence, giving you access to over 50,000 skins! If you're a new user, you will be prompted to install our plugin in 6 simple steps. Customizing your Facebook is as easy as a point and click!
Thousands of Free Facebook Skins
FBSkins offers tons of different styles, colors, and themes. Use your profile to show off a variety of skins in Music, Celebrities, Movies/TV, Cute, Love, and so many more. There is no need to copy and paste of any code. Once the plug-in is installed, select a skin and the plug-in will load the artwork for you. The installation takes less than a minute and works with all browsers.
*Update: Facebook Skins are now compatible with ALL browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari!

Create Your Own Facebook Skins 
Have your Facebook make a statement about who you are, and what you like, design your own layout! Part of a sports team or organization? Why not create a skin for your group or team. The FBSkins Builder allows you to upload the graphic or photo of your choice. This image will now become part of your Facebook profile. You are now the designer and can customize your FBSkin to your liking.
*Update: You can now create your own Facebook Skins and submit them publicly to the website!

Why do my friends need to install the FBSkins Plugin?
FBSkins Plugin is a free download and available to any Facebook user. When your friends want to customize their profiles with you, remember to tell them to install the FBSkins Plugin. They will need to install it as well in order to see your FBSkin. This is a technical requirement that creates the appearance of a change to the underlying website. The actual skin appears in your web browser and has no direct effect on your Facebook profile underneath.

More Features for your Facebook 
Not only can you set a Facebook Skin to your profile but we also have some fun features that Facebook does not offer! Features including a Dislike Button, the ability to add animated snowflakes, and upon the holidays we offer some funfilled holiday related features!
*Update: We have just released a Photo Thumbnail Zoom feature! Easily just hover your mouse of the thumbnail image you want to view and without a click see the full image! 

Troubleshooting and Support
FBSkins is easy to install. If you encounter any problems or just have some questions, comments, or concerns just contact our support team at support@fbskins.com

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