Sunday, February 27, 2011

John Estrada Wedding

Nice wedding , best wishes John and Precy!
Did Willie attend the wedding kaya?

At the John Estrada-Priscilla Meirelles wedding reception held February 26 at the Thunderbird Poro Point Resorts in San Fernando, La Union, guests enjoyed partaking food from 12 buffet tables.
There were salad and pasta dishes, a Churrascaria or Brazilian steakhouse, Pinoy dishes, a dumpling nook, sushi bar and a dessert corner. Of course, it was open bar.
Josiah's Catering took charge of the food. One of the matrons of honor, Mrs. Marvie Young-Lim, said the bride "meticulously and painstakingly" supervised the preparations, which included the food selection.
"Lahat ito, galing sa Manila. Imagine mo yung layo ng biyahe. Pero marami rin kasing pinagpilian... until this one, pumasa sa kanya."
Flags of the Philippines, Brazil, and other countries were placed around the venue. Each table had a marker bearing the names of local and international places.
Entertainment was not hard to find that evening. On stage, hostsRichard Gomez and Randy Santiago kept the crowd awake with their witty repartee.
John Estrada's interjections gave the program a feel of PalibhasaLalake sans Joey Marquez. Yes, Chong (Joey's nickname) wasn't around and not one of his close friends could offer an explanation.
In the background, the music of 92 AD, Version 4.0, and South Border created a fun and laid-back mood.
John's children with Janice de Belen—Inah, Moira, Kayla, and Juan—sang "Rainbow" for their dad and stepmom during the couple's first dance, which was spiced up by a fireworks display.
At the traditional throwing of the bow tie and bouquet, Filipino-American Sam Milby and Brazilian Tatiana Amorim were declared winners. The two danced to Mariah Carey's "Thank God I Found You."
Priscilla introduced Brazil's version of the Money Dance, which required her husband John to do a "strip" dance. He also donned a scarf on which the guests pinned money.
John gamely followed his wife's instructions and danced from one table to the next. "It's for a good cause," he said. Pledges and donations will be given to the Brave Foundation, which helps kids with cancer.
The night ended with drinking and dancing like there's no tomorrow.
THE QUOTABLE QUOTES. The guests went home with lots of good memories and interesting stories.
Priscilla's mom, Marcia Regina Meirelles, delivered her message like a beauty queen. Yes, she asked her daughter to be her interpreter. "I don't speak English," she began.
John assured his mother-in-law, "In love, there's no language barrier."
Mrs. Meirelles smiled and thanked the Filipinos for their warmth and for being a "happy people."
John's mom, Lilia Estrada, prepared a long list of reminders for her son. "I pray and I [hope] that this will be your last marriage," she began.
The Kapamilya star said, "Ma, wedding ko 'to. Hindi po natin sala, 'to."
But Priscilla's mother-in-law continued, "Hindi pa ako tapos..." and she went on with her speech, which elicited cheers from the audience.
Regine and Ogie also exchanged light banter before performing the song, "Sa Piling Mo."
The Songbird observed, "Ang ganda ng wife." To which the Songwriter remarked, "Pareng John, you found Miss Earth; I found Miss Bulacan. Anong laban ng Earth sa Bulacan?"
Towards the end of the program, the couple expressed their gratitude to the people who made their dream wedding possible.
Priscilla said they wanted to share the occasion with their family and friends.
"It's not by chance that we love you guys. It's not by chance that we prepared all of this for you. John and I could have just gotten married in a corner, you know...
"Thank you, thank you, for being part of this moment. We love you, guys... You guys are part of our story."
John became emotional because two of the most important people in his life were not present—his former managers Douglas Quijano and Wyngard Tracy.
"How I wish they could have been here tonight. And to those guys who are not here, you know what? You missed a beautiful wedding," he said.
On top of the thank-you list of celebrities is Richard Gomez. "You just don't know how much I love you," John confessed.
"God is so good to me because he made my dreams come true. And one of these dreams is that I become, oh my God, not only a friend of Richard Gomez, but... a best friend of Richard Gomez."
Then, facing the audience, he said, "You know what, honestly, I think Priscilla will ask for her own room later."
His joke was received with much laughter.
Lastly, John made a promise to the Kapamilya viewers, "Kasi TFC naman tayo, ibig sabihin worldwide ito."
With much conviction, he declared: "Happy, Yipee, Yehey will be the noontime show of Channel 2 for 10 years... We're gonna do it!"

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