Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Benefits of San Lorenzo Place - Makati Condo for Foreign People Who Manage a Business in the Philippines

Getting a Makati condo is a necessity. 
With the ever-increasing number of foreigners deciding to live and work in the Philippines, a large number of these are expats, as they have come to be known, have decided that getting residences in the heart of the Philippine commercial center is a smart and practical option. 

One of the major features of getting a Makati condo is being near the business district of the country. A great number of expats residing in the nation operate in the corporate sector, and living in Makati surely puts one in the district of the country's major business area. The Makati Central Business District houses virtually every major multinational or local company in the Philippines. From Deutsche Bank to Manulife to smaller firms that are only starting out, numerous companies have office buildings in the Makati CBD. 

Another great advantage to getting a Makati condo is the short distance to the country's international airport, which is only a thirty to forty-five minute drive away when taking the South Luzon Expressway. For expats who are very mobile and whose job calls for plenty of travel, this is certainly a major advantage. 

A quick-paced job puts a good deal of pressure and fatigue on the worker. After work one has to loosen up and de-stress. The city has a lot of establishments that would help in doing just that. There are a lot of shopping centers, watering holes, dining places, and activity centers within the city that are very accessible from your Makati condo. 

Definitely, safety is also an important matter. We live in dangerous times, and any foreigner residing in a distant country needs to be conscious of the safety and security of his chosen home. Makati is recognized as a secure city, with good police visibility and a significantly minimal crime rate. The headquarters of the Makati Police Department is also strategically located near the Central Business District so people can count on swift response times when assistance is called for. 

For the regular expat, a Makati condo is not just practical, but also affordable. 

As low P13,000/mo - SUPER AFFORDABLE

San Lorenzo Place provides the need for business and residential spaces with value, from expensive to budget friendly,recommending possible home owners just like you a luxurious investment. 

Living in Makati also can provide an expat a view into how the country's local way of life blends in with the extremely fast pace of present industry. Makati never sleeps, but one can also notice how Filipino lifestyle is incorporated into day-to-day life. In addition, living in a San Lorenzo Place isn't only for foreign expats, but is for the Filipino urban professional as well. These professionals want to live comfortably and conveniently in a location that is within close distance to where they work. 

If you are a foreign expat or a local professional, residing in Makati particularly at San Lorenzo Place  is a wise decision you can make. San Lorenzo  is very affordable and ideally positioned at the heart of Makati and along Edsa. Furthermore, the city is safe and a great location for work and play. All of these make residing in a San Lorenzo Place condo comfortable, practical, and interesting simultaneously.

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